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Monday, November 06, 2017
By Shannon

True Story...


When my first child was born, digital cameras were not a thing that every parent owned.  I captured every moment, from my husband putting together our first stroller to our daughter's first bath to her first shaky steps all with a Canon film camera.  It is the camera that I fell in love with photography using and boy did I fall hard.  I shot and shot and shot and, because I was using film and couldn't see what my images looked like until they were developed, I printed hundreds and hundreds of photos during her first year or two.  I filled albums that we now look back at all the time.  Being the oldest of four, she relishes in those images that remind her of what it was like when she was the only one.


Just twenty-two months after my daughter arrived, I gave birth to a son. By that time I had begun shooting with a little digital camera.  It was so fun!!  I could take pictures, see them immediately, and then erase what wasn't great, and then continue shooting.  No trips to the drugstore for me!  But what I never anticipated was that I would stop printing almost altogether.  I would upload photos to my computer or to a website like shutterfly with every intention of printing and creating albums in my spare time (ha!).  But then a few months passed, then a year, then two years...and I still hadn't printed more than a handful of pictures.  Fast forward ten years and my second, third, and fourth children don't have albums.  The pictures i captured of them when they were tiny little things are still on various hard drives and floating around on the 'cloud", waiting to be printed and made into something my children (and their children, their children's children, and so on) can touch, hold, and enjoy forever.  It breaks my heart and keeps me up at night. 


For the first several years that I owned my photography business, I am sad to say that I contributed to this digital era epidemic.  I was a "shoot and burn" photographer, shooting beautiful sessions of my clients' special moments and sending them on their way with a disc of images that I am almost positive in most cases made it onto a Christmas card at best.


So that changes now.  If there is one thing I want to do for my clients, it is to print. their. pictures. I love photography.  The images I create of my family and of my clients' families deserve to be displayed in our homes.  Life goes by so fast and every day brings changes, some expected and some not so much.  It's time to get our treasured photos onto our walls and our tables to be loved and cherished every single day.  




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