When Should You Schedule Your Newborn Session?
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Friday, August 30, 2019
By Shannon Rutherford Photography

A newborn baby will make you question everything you ever knew.  Just when you thought you had a pretty good handle on this thing called LIFE, a little tiny person comes into the world and, BAM, you are left feeling nervous, anxious, and questioning EVERYTHING.  Is he getting enough to eat?  Is she warm enough?  Is this poop for real?  Will I ever get a good night’s rest again?  I’ve always thought it’s strange that the hospital will discharge a two day-old baby to new parents without taking some kind of class on being a parent…or at least send a manual!  But they do.  And you know why?  Because humans are made to be parents and our instincts are invaluable.  We learn pretty quickly how strong parental instincts are and that we should trust them.  


But there are a few things that even mama bear instincts can’t help us with.  For example, when should I do a newborn session?  Your baby will sleep ALL THE TIME for the first week.  She will wake to eat and then go right back to sleep without a fuss.  Which is why the first week of life is an ideal time to do your newborn session.  


During your session, your photographer will capitalize on your baby’s sleepiness.  It makes it so much easier to move her around without upsetting her.  Just fill her up and the rest is up to us!  With a nice full tummy, she will likely sleep all the way through the session with little fuss whatsoever as she is gently moved around, swaddled, and posed.  And as an added bonus, your baby will not have developed any baby acne in the first week which makes for even better images!  


Now, despite my recommendation, a pro photographer can capture the sweet innocence of your new bundle of joy whenever it works for you, not just when he is days old.  Sometimes there are circumstances way outside of your control (like a baby being born prematurely or a full-term baby needing to spend some time in the NICU) that make it impossible to do a newborn session in the first week of life.  And that’s OK!  Don’t stress out over things you can’t control.  A skilled photographer can get beautiful pictures of your little one regardless of when the session takes place.  In fact, I do newborn sessions whenever it makes sense for my clients, whether that be hours or months after baby’s debut.  My style of shooting newborns is more photojournalistic and incorporates lots of candid moments between your new bundle of joy and the rest of the family and doesn't require the baby to sleep through the session.  So, most of all, remember to relax and enjoy every moment of being a new parent.  It goes by so fast!  


Congratulations on your growing family!





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