A Sense of Belonging - Just One More Reason to Print Your Photos!
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Friday, January 12, 2018
By C'est la Vie Phtography

Hello again!

I have pictures of my kids all over my house (big surprise, right?!).  Some are portraits that I spent time creating and others are candid moments in time that I just don't want to forget.  When printing pictures of my kids, I always choose them for me.  I love my four crazies so much and seeing them grow brings me such pride and joy but also makes my heart ache a little.  I do miss the days that are gone forever, that exist now only in my memory and in my pictures.  I see those printed pictures every day.  They make me smile while I work, folding clothes, sweeping, or making phone calls.  They bring a little light to some days that are otherwise dismal.  And they always draw the attention of guests.  But what I didn't realize when I printed them is that my children would notice.  

It absolutely delights me when I walk in to find my four year old studying the framed pictures in our family room.  She has so many questions and is very intrigued. It fascinates her that there was so much going on in our family history before she was born.  But her favorite pictures are the ones of her.  She asks me time and time again when and where they were taken, how old she was, why she looks different then than she does now.  All of my kids find the pictures in our house endlessly fascinating and that makes me happy.  I feel that these images give them identity, a sense of belonging to a family unit.  The message they see over and over again is clear: this is my family and this is where I am accepted and loved unconditionally.  This is where I belong.  

Lately, I have seen more and more studies coming out about the positive impact that printed photographs have on a child.  I'm not surprised!  I've seen it first hand.  Just one more reason that I love what I do and feel so fulfilled every time I deliver a piece of art to a client's home! Because, in my mind, I'm not just delivering a piece of art.  I am helping to define a family history.   



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